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Welcome to the wonderful world of Communication & Media



Greetings everyone and welcome to the wonderful world of Communication and media here at Mount Olive SDA Church. I'm Drake Barber and we're very delighted that you stopped by our page. When you think about the word "communication," what comes to mind? Is it the way people interact in their everyday lives? Is it corresponding through various forms of technology? Is it getting information from radio, TV, and other media outlets? If you said yes to these questions, well, you'd be absolutely right!

Communication is a word that embodies every aspect of our lives. Here at Mt. Olive, our Comm department is dedicated to keeping our lines of communication open. From an e-mail blast, to power point presentations, we take pride in giving the best platform to make sure our church stays at the forefront of communication and technology. 

I'm pleased to be working with some of the best individuals in the field. Let me introduce you to our star team:

Rahassan Heard: Assistant Director

Chris Pinnock: Sound Director

Fernon Woodbine: Operations Coordinator/Sound engineer

Alicia Heard: Scheduling Secretary/Computer Operator

Ladasia Smith: Computer/Camera Operator

Michael Warren: Computer/Camera Operator/Sound engineer

Kristian Dunson: Computer/Camera Operator/Sound engineer

Zina King: Computer/Camera Operator 

Victor Hastick: Sound Engineer 


Always remember, Christ is the greatest communicator that the world has ever seen. He came from Heaven to earth not to text us, not to Skype us, not to Instagram us, not to hashtag us, not to Facebook us, but to communicate his love by dying on the cross. 

Thank you for stopping by our page and welcome to Mount Olive SDA Church!



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